I honestly wasn’t planning on writing another post so soon. But anyway, here it is :P.

With the academic session nearing its end and the deadline to submit projects and labfiles coming closer, I’ve had a lot of people ask me questions such as “What are you making for your CS Project?“, “Can I use your project?“, “Will you help me with/make my project?“. Now that I have a blog set up, I’d rather reply to everyone here than individually.

I made a Sudoku Solver. No, you may not use mine. And well, depending upon what all you require help with and how much time I can find to spare, I will help you with yours. But sorry, I won’t make yours.

I’m putting up my project here(attached at the end of the post) for you to see. Please note that this is for reference purposes only. You are more than welcome to use ideas and logic from this code in your project. However, you may not copy this in all its entirety and submit it as your own. Apart from committing plagiarism, you would also be spelling trouble for yourself during the vivas.

I should also mention that this code makes use of some libraries, functions and methods that are not covered under the current CBSE prescribed syllabus for Class XI.
But I feel that, since the code is well-commented, none of you should have much trouble trying to understand any part of the code. But in case you do run into a stone wall, TurboC++ 3.0 has a help section where you can find documentation on any of the header files and predefined functions used in this program. And then there is always Google. If you still don’t find your answers, I’d be glad to help. But please do search before you decide to trouble me for help.

PS: Turbo C++ sucks. I don’t know why CBSE still bases its curriculum on it. It’s almost two decades old. Doesn’t match the language standards created over 12 years ago. The compiler(TC++ 3.0) is DOS Based and is no longer even supported by its own developer. And yet, here we are, apparently in the 21st century, still using it throughout high schools in India. And this is just one of the many sorry tales of education under CBSE. </rant>

PPS: I have a lot more to say about, or rather against, the prevalent formal education system. But I think I’ll save it for a huge post sometime later.

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